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As you can see, I am determined to knock out some blogging and show off some of my adorable family clients!  I was so excited to meet the Stallings Family for the first time!  They were a referral from another of my clients that I have been seeing for several years <3  As you can […]

Fort Worth Museum District | The Stallings Family


Every Fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of year.  Not only is the weather amazing after surviving a yet another blazing Texas Summer, I get to finally see all of my wonderful family clients.  Brady, Ashley, Archer & Harry are one of those families and if you are lucky enough to know them as well, […]

The Kimbell Museum | The Stansell Family

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Wow, this season, I might possibly be the worst blogger ever.  While it looks like I haven’t been doing a darn thing from the looks of my blog, the opposite is the truth.  I’ve been shooting so much that I can barely catch my breath, yet alone blog 🙂  No complaints here, but that means […]

Fort Worth Museum District | Thompson Family