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Kimbell Art Museum | The Stansell Family

Every Fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of year.  Not only is the weather amazing after surviving a yet another blazing Texas Summer, I get to finally see all of my wonderful family clients.  Brady, Ashley, Archer & Harry are one of those families and if you are lucky enough to know them as well, then you know how amazing and inspiring they are.

Usually we do an outdoorsy type of location, but we decided to shake it up a bit — ok, actually Texas weather did.  It was threatening to rain and rescheduling would have been difficult, so we decided to go to one of my favorite locations in Fort Worth, which is the Kimbell Museum.  It offers protection from the rain, so we went with it just in case!  The weather held out for us, and this ended up being my favorite session with these guys yet!

We always have the best time during our sessions and it is so much fun seeing this sweet family grow. Archer still has the most amazing smiles that will melt every heart and Harry is cute as a button with his sly little looks before he tries something sneaky.  That one is gonna be fun to watch keep his mom and dad on their toes!

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