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A White Wedding Day | Peter + Britton at the Hotel Swexan

As a photographer, capturing the essence of Peter and Britton’s wedding at the downtown Dallas Hotel Swexan was a true delight. From the moment I stepped into the ceremony space, I was mesmerized by the stunning black and white floors that set the stage for their ceremony. The pastel florals added a touch of softness and elegance, creating a picturesque backdrop for their vows.

Moving into the reception, the decor continued to impress. Everything was in white, creating a modern and sophisticated atmosphere. It was clear that every detail had been carefully chosen to complement the couple’s style and enhance the overall ambiance of the evening.

But the true highlight of the day was Peter and Britton themselves. They were such a beautiful couple, radiating love and happiness. It was evident in the way they looked at each other, in the way they held hands, and in the way they danced together. Capturing these moments was a true privilege, and I knew that the photos would reflect the deep connection they shared.

With the beautiful Downtown rooftop views, we of course had to head up there at sunset for a few romantic portraits. It was a truly romantic and unforgettable moment.

The evening ended with a rocking party, where friends and family danced the night away. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day, and I felt honored to have been a part of it all. Peter and Britton’s wedding was a celebration of love, joy, and new beginnings, and I am grateful to have been able to capture these memories for them to cherish forever.

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