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Weatherford Equestrian Engagement Session | Lyncca Harvey Photography

An Equestrian Engagement Session | Brayden & Anna

Today, I am thrilled to finally share Brayden and Anna’s incredible engagement session — a shoot that we were starting to feel certain wouldn’t happen due to the crazy Texas weather. But, it was definitely worth the wait! In the weeks leading up to Brayden and Anna’s scheduled session, we faced a record-breaking number of cancellations due to Mother Nature’s unpredictable mood swings. But the stars finally aligned, and we were thrilled to have the most perfect evening.

The location? Brayden and Anna’s private property – a picturesque haven tucked away from the city. I love when a couple can use a location that is special to them, making their love story all the more authentic.

In the end, what started as a series of frustrating cancellations for all of us, turned into a magical evening, leaving us with a collection of portraits that not only captured Brayden and Anna’s love, but also the essence of a perfect, serene moment in time.

Cheers to love, patience, and the magic that happens when you least expect it! I love every photo from their session, so I apologize for the overshare!

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