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Las Colinas Canals | Dominique & Brooke-lynn are engaged!

Seriously, I have been the worst blogger ever this past year!  I really try to do better, but on the always long list of things to do, somehow this seems to be what I tend to not get to. And, it’s bad, because I am hoarding some gorgeous images of beautiful people! Before these two get married, I thought I better blog their engagement because there is no way that I’m not showing off this session!

I met Dominique and Brooke-lynn at a bridal show.  I know I’m not the only photographer that has people walk up at a show and just think, “These are my people.”  They are both GORGEOUS and more importantly, I loved how they interacted with each other (yes, I am always watching this with couples.)

They also had a fun challenge.  They told me in their consultation that they hardly had any good photos of them as a couple because as you can see, one of these two is super big and strong and the other is tiny!  In her heels, Brooke-lynn still doesn’t reach Dominique’s shoulders!  So, I thought about it and of course, I can shoot photos of them sitting and such, but that isn’t who they are.  I decided to EMPHASIZE the height difference in a good portion of their portraits and you can see the results below.  This is easily one of my favorite sessions of the year.  I can’t WAIT until their upcoming wedding!!

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