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Fort Worth Wedding Photographer: Tim & Megan’s Amazing Wildlife Day After Session

As a wedding photographer, it isn’t always as exciting as people might think.  It isn’t as easy as going to fun parties every weekend and eating amazing food and cake.  Ok, well, we do all of that, but there is also a ton of actual work involved before, during and after the event.  But, I would be lying if I didn’t say that there are some AMAZING opportunities that I have been able to take part of because of my job.  This session is one of those times for sure!

Tim and Megan are absolutely one of my favorite couples of all time.  They had booked an After Session as part of their package, which is where they get dressed back up in their wedding attire for another shoot after their wedding.  This lets us just relax and have fun and do something fun and different.

I am always looking for unique photo opportunities and I ran across these giraffe and fell in love.  I’m a huge lover of all animals, but as far as wildlife goes, giraffe do it for me.  So, anyway, I contacted this ranch and asked if I could do a shoot with a bride and groom and they said I could! (I may have been dancing around my house when they responded!)  Then, I ran my idea by Tim & Megan to see if they were up for a road trip.  They were game, so off we went for our wildlife adventure!

First, I was five months pregnant and these giraffe were teenage boys and quite feisty!  We fed and strategically hid carrots to get them to pose (as much as you can pose a 10ft wild giraffe!) We found out how quickly we could run when we ran out of carrots and they started chasing us! We had a ton of fun with them and the other critters around the ranch.

First, they had to check out my camera.  This was just a bit intimidating having this huge head come down and check you out!

Then, they got to know Tim and Megan.

Posing wasn’t as easy as it looks! Tim and Megan did so great holding a pose with these two crazy animals all up in their business and me trying to click at precisely the right moment.

We also found some sweet kangaroo <3  They loved Megan’s bouquet.

Ah, this view!!

Everywhere was absolutely gorgeous!  I could have shot here for days, but, as the sun set, our time was over.

Here is how we got to ride around on the property!  We were spoiled for sure!

And, last, we had to laugh.  When we went back to the cabins for Tim and Megan to change, our friends were waiting for us!  They got a little extra attention before we headed out 🙂

I’m always up for fun adventures, so if you have an idea for a photo session, let’s chat and see if we can make it happen!

Tim and Megan, thank you so much for being game and helping me with my crazy idea!

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