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Trinity Institute: Fort Worth Glamor Photographer

I strongly believe in continuing education in any career.  Not only does it keep you fresh and up-to-date in current trends, it really helps with creativity and breaking out of ruts that you can find yourself in when you are doing the same thing over and over.

Right in the middle of my crazy Fall wedding season, one of my talented photographer friends, Leslie Spurlock had a workshop out at the Trinity Institute. Its a creepy old building that I had been DYING to check out. I also wanted to become a better rounded natural light photographer, which Leslie rocks at.  Even though I lean more towards flash shooting, I can shoot in natural light, but I wanted to focus on dramatic lighting with natural light.  I also enjoy focusing on other types of photography besides wedding and family portraits, so this was really the perfect workshop for me.

With the massive building and great number of models, we were able to work one-on-one all day uninterrupted. We also got to tell the hair & makeup artists what look we wanted for our models, as well as pick out their clothing.

After the official “workshop”, a lot of of us stayed and had some fun shooting at night and hanging out.  We then spent the night in an old dorm building that I swear was haunted.   It had “that” feel in certain areas. LOL  All four of us “single” (our men weren’t with us) ladies, all shared one room with bunk beds.  It was kinda funny that none of us wanted a room to ourselves, even though there were plenty of them 🙂

OH and the best part, was that there was no hot water.  NONE.  After sweating and feeling disgusting crawling around in an old building all day, I had to have a shower and it was like showering in ice water.  While all of this sounds crazy, it was one of the best times ever.  All of us from the workshop are all friends still.  If you haven’t invested in a workshop, I highly recommend you do so 🙂  If you can find a great one that isn’t local, even better 😉

Now, on to the fabulous images from the day!  Can you see now why I was so excited about shooting here?  This would also be a perfect location for bridals, couples or families with children that can handle a long drive, cause it is OUT there!

The first model is Allanah.  I worked with her the majority of the day.  The second model is Jennifer; who I only worked with for a small mini-shoot where we went to check out an old building down the road right before sunset. Both models were absolutely beautiful and I loved working with them.

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