Romance at Murrell Park | Karim & Dana

Good afternoon!  On this dreary, rainy day, I am inside huddled up on my couch in my sweatshirt and big comfy blanket.  To actually feel like I did SOMETHING today, I present to you Karim & Dana’s absolutely amazing engagement session.  These two are one of my favorite couples of the year.  When I met with Dana, we clicked right away.  I have had the best time working with these two.  Dana actually decided upon Murrell Park, where I had never been before.  I went a bit before our session to scope it out and get my game plan together.

It was an absolutely perfect day, with the most beautiful golden sunset that set right behind some rocks that we took full advantage of.  As you can see, Karim & Dana fit together like “peas and carrots”.  They are married now, and I can’t wait to share their big day with you soon!  Until then, here are a *few* (lot) of my favorite photos from our time together <3

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