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Today, I have a bit of a special blog post.  I know it looks like I am super slow from the looks of my poor neglected blog, but it is completely the opposite!  Fall is such a fun, exciting (and exhausting!) time of year for family and wedding photographers and I am both!  Many did not know that I had my own sweet little boy last February, and with that, my lease was up on my previous studio, where I met with clients for wedding consultations, had indoor studio sessions and all of my newborn sessions.  I decided to take a break from being a studio owner to spend a little time with my baby (still working full time without the studio), but I was unable to do newborn sessions.

Well, a few months ago, I started tentatively looking around for a new studio, but I hadn’t REALLY made any commitment to finding a place.  My studio was in storage and I started to think it may stay there, losing confidence in my abilities as a newborn photographer. Then, my amazing (wedding) clients Jake and Shama contacted me to book their upcoming baby girl’s newborn session.  I started to get the itch again, so I decided to book them!  Well, as luck would have it, she decided to join our world before I could find a new studio…. I didn’t want to offer a halfa$$ session to my clients, so ultimately, I decided to refer her out.  I don’t know if you know Shama, but she really doesn’t take no for an answer when she decides on something, so after chatting with them more,  I scrambled, digging all through my storage unit for props, and found a friend that would let me use her studio.

After holding sweet Julien, I was hooked, I signed the lease on a new place in Downtown Grapevine and we have been working like mad to get it ready to go!  I am officially now able to book full studio sessions again!  So, thank you Jake and Shama, for giving me the confidence and push I needed to be able to work with my tiniest clients again <3


Now, on to this sweet baby girl’s photo session!  Here are my favorites!



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