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Fort Worth Wedding Photographer | Sammy’s Victorian Bridal Session

Today, I am sharing Sammy’s beautiful bridal session at her parent’s Victorian home.  When Sammy told me where her session would be, I really had no idea what to expect until I drove up to the gorgeous 6000 sq foot home.  I love that she chose to have her session at a place that was so special to both her and her parents.

You see, this had been Sammy’s parents dream home the entire time she was growing up.  They would drive by and see it through the years, seeing it fall into more and more disrepair.  Finally, the home had a condemned sign on it, so they gave up until one day Sammy drove by and saw that it was being renovated and being put up for sale.  Long story short, the Nash’s finally bought their dream home!  I had a great time photographing Sammy in such a beautiful and unique environment.

There was one more piece of this story.  While making the drive out to the Nash’s property, it started POURING down rain!  This will make most brides sad when you are planing an outdoor bridal session.  Luckily we were able to move the majority of the session inside and under the porch covering while it was raining.  Before I arrived, I saw these beautiful storm clouds over a wheat field just down the block from her home.  When we had a break in the rain, I begged to take Sammy out to grab a couple of pictures.  Sammy was protected in my rubber boots with white sheets to lay her dress on, and I sacrificed my pants and shoes to the ankle-deep clay mud that was in this field, but I would do it a hundred times over for these gorgeous images we were able to capture!

Stay tuned for Kevin and Sammy’s wedding coming soon!

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