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Grapevine Lake Rockledge Park | Jonathan and Lavinia are engaged!

Couple’s like Jonathan and Lavinia make it look like I don’t work at all, or at the very least like I have the easiest job around.  These two are such genuinely sweet people, and they obviously love each other to death. We met on what started as a cloudy day, but of course, as luck would have it, it got a bit steamy and humid right about the time of their portrait session.  Besides a bit of sweat (ok, a lot), the day couldn’t have gone much better.  At one point, I was laughing so hard that I actually had to check and make sure my pictures were in focus 🙂

I absolutely can not WAIT for their wedding in August!

Are they cute or what?? Last, I’m absolutely in love with everything about the following silhouette portrait!  The water all around them, the sun rays and of course them being their adorable selves 🙂

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