Grapevine Studio Newborn Photographer | Baby Tre

Nothing motivates me to get off my tail and get my blog updated like the crazy wedding season in front of me! Haha!  Right now, I am shooting tons of portraits, which I love, but soon, I will be right back into wedding season with all of my amazing clients on their big day, so I MUST get caught up!

This family is very special. Becca & Rodney are also wedding photographers and videographers.  Here in the DFW area, it is a pretty tight knit community.  I was SO excited when these two received the news that they were going to be new parents.  After receiving the news that they were approved to adopt Tre, he was in their arms forever within a week!

I immediately offered to do their family and newborn portraits for them. This little guy was a tough cookie!  He was one of the most alert babies that I had ever had in the studio, but eventually, he gave in with all my baby shushing methods and I was able to pose this cutie pie. I chose shades of brown and gray to go with his beautiful skin.  I love the results! Here are some of my favorites from this beautiful family!



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