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A Fun Skater Session at The Fabrication Yard | Trent Turns 4!

Ok, so maybe my one and only, completely adorable little mess (yessss, I admit I’m completely biased), turned FOUR in February, but it was cold.  We finally just got around to taking these pictures a month or so ago.  As it so happens, we also did family pictures only a few weeks before this, so I decided to have a little more fun with his photos for his “birthday”. vs. something more formal.

I bought him some super adorable threads and aviator shades from one of my favorite boy boutiques and my hubs found a kiddie skateboard.  We topped it all off with bunches of tattoos since Trent is a tattoo nut.  It all came together so much cooler than even I could have imagined!

And, I knew exactly where I wanted to take him. I have been DYING to take Trent’s photos at this extremely cool location in Dallas.  It’s BLOCKS of cool industrial buildings that are covered in graffiti by artists daily! I finally convinced his Daddy to go with me to help chase this little tornado around and promised awesome “daddy and me” photos in return for the help.  Mission accomplished!  These are some of my favorites <3

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