Denton Wedding Photographer: The Milestone | John & Meredith

John and Meredith were married at one of my favorite Denton venues, The Milestone. It had been entirely too long since I had gotten to visit with the wonderful staff there.  This beautiful venue is tucked away in the country with rolling hills, a pond, gazebo and even a great barn off in the distance that provide so many options for portraits inside and out.  This particular day was pouring down rain, but you wouldn’t have known from inside where everyone was happy, without a care in the world.  Meredith was all smiles when I showed up. I asked if she was ok with it being rainy.  She just replied, “Yep! John likes rainy days better anyway.”  Well, there ya go!  The Milestone has covered front and back porches, so they were able to get their portraits taken outside while staying dry… I got soaked (no worries, I came prepared with extra clothes and a hat!)

Later in the evening, the rain stopped and we were able to go take advantage of the beautiful property with some dramatically lit stormy pictures (my favorite!) and then they finished off their reception with a bubble exit 🙂   What a fabulous, fun day! I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from their day!

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