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Private Ranch: Jerry & Peggy are engaged!

Look at me over here just blogging away! I told y’all that I hadn’t been sitting around doing nothing!  Jerry and Peggy are getting married TOMORROW, so I really had to get this gorgeous session posted before their big day!  I met these two just recently from their amazing wedding planner (Serendipity Events) and was so thrilled that they chose me to photograph their big day!

The wanted to have their engagement photos on their own property, incorporating their horses.  How awesome is that?  I wish my backyard looked like this for real.  As you can see from our session, Peggy is everything that is bright and happy in life and Jerry just adores her <3

I can’t wait until tomorrow when everyone sees how gorgeous Peggy looks in her dress! Yea, I’m holding on to those photos right now too! Stayed tuned for her stunning bridal session and wedding at their private ranch!

Thank you to Rosie’s Artistry for her always glamorous hair and makeup!

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