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Marty Leonard Flushmount Sample

Lately, I have been really focusing a lot of time toward album design for my couples and favorite venues.  Many brides simply want their disk of pictures and head on their way.  While I do believe every bride should have their images on disk, there is really nothing like having a beautiful, hand-crafted album that tells your story with the very best photos from your day.  Being able to take your album to your grandparents, friends and other loved ones is so much better than trying to all huddle around a computer (or heck, even on a phone these days!) while clicking through 500-800 images.

You can of course build a do-it-yourself album from a consumer album company, but trust me, the quality isn’t even CLOSE to the same as a lab that caters to professional photographers and its really hard for most brides to go through all of their photographs and design their album.  Many brides INTEND to do this, but years pass and they never do.

Because of these reasons, I wanted to start showcasing some of the albums I create.  This first one is for my friends at the Marty Leonard Chapel. I adore this chapel and their wonderful employees.  I wanted to show their potential brides some of the amazing shots they could get if they chose this great location. This is my standard 10×10 flushmount album, with a leather cover and thick, photo-printed pages.  Isn’t it beautiful?? The first image shows the actual finished album.  The images following are the PS exports of the pages contained within the album.

Contact me for more information to add an album to your wedding package or to just order a stand-alone album from your wedding that has already happened. These make wonderful Christmas and Anniversary gifts!

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