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Dallas World Aquarium | Katie’s Bat Mitzvah Celebration

Today, I am sharing such a fun event! I was so excited to be hired to capture my first Bat Mitzvah and it was at one of my absolute favorite locations, the Dallas World Aquarium! Seriously, if you have an event to plan, you really need to check this place out!

The evening started with me taking a couple of portrait of Katie and her family, and their guests during cocktail hour. I love seeing the aquarium at night. It has such a different feel and the guests just love it as well. As I mingle around, all I can hear is people chatting about what an amazing location this is for a party!

After everyone arrived, dinner was served (don’t worry, I don’t take photos of people eating, cause ewww), and then the real party started! I had soooo much fun watching this family party it up! They had an amazing DJ and dance crew to teach the kids all the new moves (learned a few myself), and then the adults even joined in for some fun.

Later, Katie’s daddy got up and welcomed everyone and told Katie how proud he was of her, and then Katie got up and dedicated all 13 of her candles individually to different people that were important in her life. I thought this was such a fantastic part of the Jewish Bat Mitzvah celebration, and probably my favorite part of the evening. Then, there was such a cute slideshow of Katie growing up that sent all of her friends into piles of giggles 🙂

After more dancing and fun, all of Katie’s friends surrounded her and all congratulated her with their own speeches. More than anything, in this room, and from all the photos, you just feel the love.

Mozel tov Katie! Here are some of my favorites from your evening!

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