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Colleyville Nature Center | Tanner & Emily are engaged!

Today, I am sharing this super adorable session of one of my absolute favorite new couples! This is Tanner and Emily. We went to hang out at the Colleyville Nature Center, which looks just beautiful this time of year and the weather was chilly but perfect for snuggling (them, not me).

Tanner and Emily seriously could not be any cuter together.  They are super sweet and fun and they make each other laugh.  A lot.  And they made me laugh, a lot.  My stomach muscles actually hurt at the end of this session from laughing.  This sounds like a recipe for marriage success to me!

Oh, and be sure to notice the photo where the leaves are floating around them near the end.  Usually you would have others help you for a shot like this. These two came up with a game plan, threw their own leaves and then dove into each others arms for some smooches before they hit the ground! <3

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